In we are carrying out a “Social Study of Tango”.

We are trying to obtain information through the experience of tango dancers (who have danced in different cities), to find out about the differences in the social environments in the world of tango.

Like most participants, I travel a lot and have danced in many cities of the world. This is how I began to wonder why in some cities things are one way and in others things are another way. I started talking to some people about it, asked them about their opinions, but unfortunately it is not so easy to objectively see the differences, because our view of things changes, especially depending on whether we are a leader or follower, if we are a professional dancer or a beginner, if we know many people or few at the milongas, or even if we love or hate a certain city.

There are so many factors that change our perspective on things, that we decided to do a study with a questionnaire that would allow us to ask the same things to people with completely different profiles, in order to obtain a more comprehensive and realistic view.

For this reason, the more responses we gather from more varied profiles, the better we believe our study will be and the more realistic the results.

To reach more people, we are trying to translate the study to multiple languages.
It began in Paris, because I was living in that city, and also because it has been and remains one of the most important tango cities in the world. The translation was done by several people, Gabi, Valentine Peltier, Florence Guennec & Ingrid Mainard – Merci!Irina Voyushina is so kind to help me with the analysis and especially with all translations in Russian and also Karen Matzke in English.

We were recently asked why you had to fill in your email as a required field.

While we are making sure that the answers are anonymous, the only way we’ve found to be able to control that people have the profile we seek, be sincere and not respond several times, has been through an email address.

For what reason?
If we see someone responds unreal things, or puts offensive comments, we can inform them through the email address that their data will be removed from the study.

Even so, email addresses will never be disclosed, and used only to send the results to people who request it anonymously.

We emphasize that this is a non-profit project. We carry out the study in order to share information that we think may be of interest to many people who also love tango, and who want to know more about its culture and differences around the world.

As simple as it may seem, I dedicated over a month to develop the first questionnaire as I was looking for the items necessary to compare the different cities. Also to create the web site, update the languages, add new cities, optimize the questions ... a strenuous task that involves a lot of dedication and time.

That is why we would like to ask for a little patience to receive the results.

We require a minimum of 50 forms for each city, and at least 20 people from that city and another 20 from another country.
We are also looking for someone who could help with the translation of the form into Italian in order to continue with other cities. If you’re interested, please let us know.

THE RESULTS ARE ANONYMOUS. We will never disclose your email or use it for anything else than the purpose of this study.
A real email address is mandatory, and if there are duplicate or fake addresses, we will delete the responses assigned to that address.

The study is voluntary. But to ensure greater participation, the results will only be sent to people who have filled in the form and indicated that they want to receive the results via email.

Best regards,