Participant data

We need a large number of participants for the study to be meaningful. For this reason (and as a thank you to the participants), the data we get from it will only be sent to people who request it after filling in the form.

By October 2013 we had a very high participation in the study on Moscow (especially of people who filled the form in Russian, 93 people) and a more modest participation in the study on Paris (25 people who did it in French and 9 in Spanish).

Here is some data from the participants.

Average age

We can see that in Moscow there is a more varied participation with respect to age, meaning that people under 25 as well as those older than 46 years have wanted to give their views regarding tango in Moscow.

A peculiarity is that even with the difference in numbers of participants in the different mother tongues (93 p. on Moscow in Russian and 25 p. on Paris in French) the two studies show a very similar percentage of leaders and followers participating, both with a much higher participation of followers.

However, for the study on Paris, we had comparatively more leaders joining the study.

We also wanted to know how long the participants had been dancing in the different cities as points of views will differ between someone who has just started to dance and someone who has been dancing for 10 years. As you can see, the answers are very varied, and we observed that in Paris veterans predominate. What happens is that more Argentinians in Paris participated in the study, perhaps because Paris is a more international city with respect to tango (in recent years) than Moscow?

These are only the profiles of the people who completed the study by October 2013.

Later we intend to go into much more detail, and get to know the points of views of dancers (more veteran or less), for example, how many years on average people have been dancing, where they think cabeceo is used more and where a good floorcraft can be found, in which city foreigners feel more comfortable, and what people would like to change in each city...

But remember, in order to see all that interesting date, you have to fill in the questionnaire.
Come on, we still need more foreigners to do the study on Paris and Moscow (english/spanish)!